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Writing things down is not enough

On the importance of organized and high-quality documentation

In this post, we will talk about the importance of having good documentation and why maintaining technical documentation in a structured way is crucial.



The friendlier alternative to Vuex in Vue 3

Small overview on this new library and the implications this has on the development of applications in Vue 3.

Angular libraries & Storybook

Generate a component library ready to publish in packages

In this post we are going to create an Angular app with Angular Libraries and Storybook, ready to publish a components library as a package.


CORS & Vite

Fixing CORS problems in local and deploying with Netlify

In today's article we will talk about CORS, configuring proxies with Vite and redirects with Netlify.

GitHub Copilot

Analysis and reflections after 1 month of use

Analysis and reflections after 1 month of use.

PWA & Vite

Development of a Progressive Web App with Vue 3

In this post we are going to develop a boilerplate to develop PWA using Vite as a building tool and Vue.js 3 as a JavaScript framework.

From Magento Commerce to Adobe Commerce

¿What Happened? Chronicle and opinion

There has already been a long and long written and opinion on the subject. In this post I offer my point of view on the evolution of Magento these years.

GitHub packages

Create and publish Angular packages in your repository

In this article we will delve into publishing Angular packages using GitHub Packages.


Next.js Commerce

Overview and first steps

In this article we are going to summarize the process of creating, installing and developing a project with Next.js commerce and several simple development examples.

Gatsby and Netlify CMS

All the power of a CMS in JAMstack without leaving your repository

In this article we will talk about Netlify CMS, advantages and issues, setup, and Gatsby integration process.

Basics to start a project in React

VS Code + ESLint + Prettier

With the explosion of JavaScript as a web development language, new tools have emerged to improve the code quality of our projects.